Tanzanian Treasures

Miss Hincks’ mom lent us some of her beautiful Maasai jewellery and woven baskets so that we could examine the fashions, styles and crafts made in East Africa! We used rainbow talk to describe how they feel, look and smell. We even watched some videos of Maasai people making these fantastic pieces. What beautiful colours they have!


Modern Historians

We have been busy historians in Tigers this week. We have researched the history of the Royal Family so that we can write a report about their role in our kingdom. The reports are full of fascinating facts and things you never knew about our Queen!

Fruit Salad

We learned about how some fruits grow in hotter areas, such as under the equator. We put some fruits that grow in Africa in our fruit salad and it was deeeelicious!


Silly Instructions

Thanks to Miss Yafai for following my silly instructions and making a disastrous breakfast on her cookery show this morning! We are learning about to how to write instructions so, after today’s disaster, everyone has written some fantastic instructions for how Miss Hincks can make her breakfast next time. Mmm!


Alphabet Champs!

Congratulations to Ester and Saba who are trying extra hard in their learning at the moment in Tigers! Ester is our new Alphabet Arc champion and Saba filled our entire classroom carpet and one of our tables with words this week. Keep it up you two!


African Drumming

As part of our topic on Africa, we had a visitor in to teach us some African drumming skills which we then showed off in a performance for our parents.

Thank you so much to the parents that came! We had a fantastic time!


All stars & Tigers

Wow! What an amazing visit to Allstars we had! We shared our fairytale with them and they read us their stories. We want to come back soon as we learned so many new words and had such fun. Thanks again!